South Africa – a probable semifinalist, but…

South Africa is indeed a strong team. Captain Graeme Smith has proved his might in ODI several times. They have also Jacques Kallis in the team who is one of the best ODI players in the world. He can withstand any amount of pressure and perform. But, his team mates are easily susceptible to pressure. It is very difficult for a team to perform by depending upon just one player. Only Kallis can be considered as a match winner.

The team is lacking spin bowlers. Botha, though a spin bowler is not so powerful.

Batting is also not up to the mark. The middle and lower order batting lacks in depth. When a high-performing team fails to absorb pressure, the unexpected will happen.

South Africa is already strong in fielding. In this aspect, the point-fielder JP Duminy’s role is much significant.

The South African Captain Graeme Smith feels that though they could win over Zimbabwe in the warm up match played in Chennai, the pitch was not up to the mark. In his opinion the low scoring by Zimbabwe was more due to the condition of the pitch than his bowlers. He felt that the pitch was not well prepared.

South Africa will be playing against England on March 6 on the same pitch and that also may be reason for the worry of the SA captain.

During the year 2010, South Africa won 9 out of 11 ODIs played. Though it is a very good record, but for one, all the matches were played against either West Indies or Zimbabwe and not against any of the strong teams.

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